• Tony Olsson

    Tony Olsson

  • Morelilian Mangezi

    Morelilian Mangezi

  • Scott Turner

    Scott Turner

    Associate Professor in Computing and Immersive Technologies. Robots, VR, technology enhanced learning, how computing is taught, public engagement of STEM

  • Tech Info Radiator

    Tech Info Radiator

    Christian, husband, father oh and passionate techie ( re @CodeClub,@CodeClubPro,@youngrewired, STEM Ambassador ). Going to change my name to TooManyHats.

  • STEM Chamber

    STEM Chamber

    STEM Chamber is a network of teachers who love science and implement the STEM teaching concept in practice.

  • Salma Tuwei

    Salma Tuwei

  • David Wyld

    David Wyld

    David Wyld is a Professor of Strategic Management and Consultant. Support his work and become a Medium writer yourself: https://davidwyld.medium.com/membership.

  • Divyavishwakarma


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